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When Art Meets Commerce: The Artist in the Business World

Art meets commerce and the two worlds collide when a product containing an artistic creation becomes something people can buy. Art is an emotional product and because of that there will always be issues that come up while the painting is being created, exhibited, or in the personal relationships that are developed. These can deeply affect the success or failure of a painting.

You don't sell a work of art the same way you sell a shirt. The shirt does not care how you sell it. Not so with art. Artists have an emotional investment and are focused mainly on the creation of their art. The business side and marketing of their art are often the weaker link. Because they are emotionally attached they also have strong feelings about how their art should be introduced to the business world.

Artist marketing their own art is a time worn subject that I will touch on in a later blog, but for today I am going back to my studio to do what comes easiest...create art.

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