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Toronto, Ontario





I'm back in case you even noticed I was gone. Been busy painting and drinking wine...forgot about writing. I don't drink wine when I paint. Maybe I should.


I will attempt to post more frequently when I have something to say.


Hope to see you at my next show "A Spring Af...



In this piece I am attempting an uncertain painting. One where I am trying to have absolutely no subject of any kind. It's the first time I’ve attempted this and it’s harder than you think. 


There’s are two rules. The first one is good design and the second is not to...


If you are not sure about buying a piece of art or how much is a fair price then keep on reading and hopefully these next 4 tips will help you.



Printed material from the artist, either in person or online, artist statement, biography, price...


I have started to experiment with non representational or as more often referred to as abstract art. It's all about the process more than anything. It's not about representing a tree, a lake, a dog, a vase, a flower. You get the idea. It's just the experience and being...



Art meets commerce and the two worlds collide when a product containing an artistic creation becomes something people can buy. Art is an emotional product and because of that there will always be issues that come up while the painting is being created, exhibited, or i...


What a great experience! The opening reception was last Saturday the 18th of October at Wallspace gallery in Ottawa. Meeting the guests was my favorite part.  Meeting local art collectors and hearing their comments and encouragement was a wonderful experience. Great...

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