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As a Canadian painter, Dan Ryan calls himself a hybrid artist. Although he is steeped in a rich tradition of landscape painting, his dynamic and energetic abstracts are where mood, colour, light and texture collide. Ryan makes use of impasto applications of paint, allowing drips and undulations to reveal the hand of the artist. His gestural and free style of painting breathes life and motion into the subject matter whether abstract, landscape or anywhere in between.  


‚ÄčDan has sold hundreds of paintings in North America and Europe. They can be found in private homes, corporations and galleries.


After completing Secondary School he moved to Baffin Island where he continued to sketch and paint. It was here that he was influenced by the landscape and the way he looked at nature.  


Dan went on to enter the Ontario College of Art and later received instruction in the art of illustration at Sheridan College. His training as an illustrator has given him a solid foundation for his art. The same thing that goes into a successful illustration, goes into a successful painting.  


Finishing college he went into the field of advertising and was employed as an Art Director and Illustrator, but continued to pursue the fine art of oil painting. Dan now resides in Toronto, Canada and paints full time.  


Dan is also available for commissioned work.






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